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COVID-19 updates:

Due to recent world events we will be postponing our upcoming full day clinics. We will be offering a 3 hour, theory only, online option for our Basic Equine Health and Emergency First Aid. When we can congregate again we will do the follow up hands-on portion and complete the certification. 

Online options are available on the events page. One on one online options available as well. 


"I had taken a Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness clinic with Mandy. WOW- I had no idea there were so many things to consider for a safe, efficient facility. It completely changed the way we are setting up our new property".

"Mandy has the industry experience to back up her teaching. I loved that not only could she guide us through symptoms and treatments, but also explained a lot of management for after care".

Mandy Abraham       EHC Licensed Affiliate   EHC Senior Instructor


     My focus on horsemanship, health and safety, began years ago in the professional horse industry. I have been lucky enough to have worked internationally with top level sport horses in multiple disciplines. I feel very strongly about horsemanship which led me into the role of instructor. Whether it's learning to take vital signs, wrap an injury, pre-trip your truck & trailer or design an evacuation plan for your stable, there's always ways to improve our horsemanship skills! 

     I became an Equi-Health Canada Instructor in 2013. The idea of bringing the information EHC provides really struck a chord with me. We are responsible for providing a safe environment for our horses and livestock, these skills ensure that.  Since then I have become a Senior Instructor, qualified in all courses EHC offers. 

     November 2017 I was accepted as an EHC Licensed Affiliate. I look forward to building a strong team of professional Instructors to help all levels of horse enthusiasts.

                                                 ...with horses, we are always learning...