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Equine Health and Emergency  First Aid

Join us for a one day clinic covering vital signs, wounds/bandaging, hoof/eye/digestive/respiratory issues, stretching for pain management and detection, colic, shock, choke, and much more!


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Advanced Equine First Aid

One day clinic dealing with the most extreme emergency situations. Poison, burns, sucking chest wounds, impalements, trapped horses, temporary casting. These are injuries where without intervention the horse would not survive. 


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Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness

A MUST for any livestock owner, this course will train you in prevention, planning for and executing safe evacuation procedures, hidden dangers and responding to first aid emergencies. It covers what to do in floods, wild fires, ice storms, building collapses, barn fires and more!


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Safe Trailering Practices

Is your trailer safe and do you know what your horse experiences in a collision? Do you know if your trailer is the correct size, layout for your horse's comfort and stability? What are the protocols, liabilities, and your responsibilities when there's and accident? Get the information before you head out on the road.


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Livestock Handling and Emergencies For First Responders​

This full day, intensive mix of hands on and theory work prepares first responders for livestock related emergencies. Loose/trapped livestock, barn fires, containment, euthanasia, scene security and more in 2 eight hour days. 


multiple agency member discounts

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First Aid Fundamentals

This is a half day fast paced clinic covering the fundamentals of first aid. Working hands on with the horses you will learn vitals, pain detection, colic, and participate in lots of bandaging in realistic emergency scenarios. 


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This one's for the little guys! Sign up your horse crazy youngster for a 3 hour kids program. They'll learn safety and basic first aid in a fun, hands on environment.


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Safety Comes First

Looking to buy your first horse? Your first acreage? Join us for a 3 hour safety course focusing on farm safety, livestock safety, and of course safety around horses! Geared for the beginner)


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All EHC clinics include manuals, vitals card and certificate of completion.  Materials (vet wrap, vitals kits, bandages, etc.) provided for all clinics.  Ask about multiple family member discounts. All priced subject to GST

Interested in hosting? We come to you with all materials needed for the day. You provide a location with power for the theory portion and some equine "victims" for the practical.

***** Also, the host receives a free spot for hosting!*****